Spring of Theotokos

The spring was consecrated in the summer of 2005 in honor of the icon of the Virgin Mary The Healing Spring.

 „The Healing Spring” of the Virgin Mary

Periodically, on Monday, after the Holy Liturgy, the ordinance of the Water Blessing is performed, during which prayers are said to our Lord Jesus Christ, His Blessed Mother and Saints for the healing of bodily and spiritual diseases and impotences. The holy grace called by the prayers of the Church's servants gives the water the divine power to cleanse the diseases and impotences of those, who come with humble faith and prayer, by immersing three times, hoping for the mercy and help of God and His Blessed Mother, with the prayers to all saints. Amen.

The Christian who truly wants to know the power and help of God, before coming to the Spring of the Virgin Mary, should enter the Church, worship the icons, the holy relics, observe the Fasts of the year, Wednesdays and Fridays, to have his confessed made - not having unconfessed sins - and reconciled with everybody, determined to straighten our his life. For God, for the prayers to His Most Holy Mother and the Saints, helps His servants, who obey to Him and fulfil  His commandments.


  1. On the day we took Holy Communion we do not immerse ourselves in water, because we have in us the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is above all the Holy Sacraments.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use soap, shampoo and any detergents in the spring.
  3. Only women or only men will enter the spring.
  4. It is strictly obligatory for women who immerse into the water to be dressed in a shirt and not wear any makeup or perfume.
  5. Maintain cleanliness and quitness before, during and after bathing in the spring.
  6. The water in the spring is sanctified and can be used as holy water.
  7. God's help is highly dependent on our godly attitude to holiness.
  8. The monastery bears no responsibility for the things lost inside or in the vicinity of the spring.